Collagen infused ice cubes


Want to start the day with lemon water? Our collagen ice cubes are refreshing and delicious to have in the freezer. They give a fresh taste to the water and are perfect with the award winner Collagen Gold without added flavor. The recipe is also really good if your collagen powder is about to expire. Then you can extend its lifetime by freezing the powder in a nice citrus ice cube. That way you keep the nutritional value while having a nice lemon drink ready when you fancy a refreshment.

This is what you need

For 32 small ice cubes:

3 organic lemons
8-10 tbsp (or the leftovers you have) with Collagen Gold
1/2 dl water


Wash the organic lemons well and scrape the peel. Cut them into smaller pieces and put them in the blender. Add Collagen Gold and water. Blend until the mixture is creamy. Pour into ice cubes and freeze. When they are completely frozen, you can put the ice cubes in a bag, ready to use!