The great sinner of wrinkles

Den store synder til rynker - Vild Nord

One of the great sinners for the skin is overexposure to UV light.

The sun's life giving rays are warm and beautiful, but they are also tough when it comes to our skin.

In fact, UV light is so strong that it breaks down the well loved collagen in our skin. This is not good news because the collagen in our skin is well worth taking care of.

Collagen ensures that the skin is resilient, plump and elastic. In addition, it is also holds wrinkles and fine lines at a distance.

The great sins for wrinkles

Facts about UVA & UVB

Sunlight consists of UVA and UVB rays. Do you know the difference?

UVA - premature aging and wrinkles - inner cells in the top layer of skin including dermis
UVB - premature aging - cells in the top layer of the skin

Whether you are inside or outside, whether it is summer or winter - if you can see daylight through a window then UV rays are present. It is therefore important to protect your skin all year round. Even on a cloudy day.

And what about the blue light?

Blue Light or HEV (High Energy Visible Light) comes mostly from the sun where it is part of the light we can see, but it also comes from computers, iPads and smartphones.

HEV plays an important role in regulating our sleep rhythm and mood and since our bodies have difficulty blocking this light, it is recommended that we limit our screen time before we go to sleep.

The blue light is strong and is believed to be able to penetrate deep into the skin, where it can, like UV light, break down the collagen and initiate the skin's aging process. We want to avoid that.

So what can you do?

You can use a good sun screen and take a collagen supplement daily, as an essential skin help all year round. If you also want a naturally beautiful glow then buy our GLOW Your Balance Collagen here. 

Glow to your skin

If you want to cut down on that blue light, we recommend 2 individual tips - turn down the light on your screen and take breaks from it during the day.

Also read "What is the collagen".

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