Is there PFAS in collagen?

Er der PFAS i collagen? - Vild Nord

PFAS is a topic that affects us all as human beings and consumers. It is natural to worry about whether there are PFAS in the products you consume. Is there PFAS in collagen from Vild Nord? Is it safe to take? These will be obvious questions to be asking. 

The short answer is - yes, it is safe to take collagen from Vild Nord.

Vild Nord® collagen is rated as a low-risk product in regard to PFAS.

Why is Vild Nord® marine collagen considered a low-risk product?

When we talk about whether there are PFAS in Vild Nord's products, we need to start with the actual production. In the production process of Vild Nord® marine collagen, the raw material (fish skin) is dissolved and undergoes 4 different washing and filtering steps, which help reduce the level of PFAS and other pollutants.

Furthermore, in our production we only use the skin from cod. Cod is not at the top of the food chain, where toxins accumulate to a greater extent than further down in the food chain.

The Norwegian Food Authority, Mattilsynet, oversee that our supplier has systems that ensure compliance with the requirements of the food legislation and our supplier has also started initiatives in accordance with the new EU legislation.

Want to avoid PFAS in what you eat?

There are limit values ​​for many different substances in many foods from all over the world. Therefore, one of the best things you can do is choose products from a supplier/brand that you trust comply with the legislation and thus the limit values, for example for PFAS in fish.

What do limit values ​​for PFAS in collagen mean?

From 1 January 2023, limit values ​​for PFAS have been introduced in certain foods in the EU. This has happened after a risk assessment made by the EU Food Safety Authority, EFSA. Limit values ​​like these are put on many foods to protect public health, and the values ​​are set so low that the products that follow the legislation are safe to consume over time. Marine collagen from Vild Nord is one of the products that is considered a low-risk product.

What does PFAS limit values ​​apply to?

The limit value ​​for PFAS apply to eggs, fish, crustaceans, clams and meat. The four PFAS connections that are regulated are PFOS, PFOA, PFNA, PFHXS, as well as the sum of these.

Where does PFAS come from?

Since the 1950s, PFAS has been used in the industry for various purposes. PFAS is a collective term for a group of per- and polyfluorinated substances that have been included in slip agents (eg in pots and pans), extinguishing foam, electronics and water repellents for textiles and paper. Due to the long degradation time, PFAS seeps into the water and then further into the food chain, as the pollution spreads throughout the ecosystem.

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