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From the ocean to Vild Nord marine collagen

Your body and skin deserve the best – that's why you should pay attention to what you eat. Vild Nord marine collagen is not just a product - it's a symbol of our great passion and commitment to delivering the most extraordinary in natural beauty with respect for you and nature – that's why the foundation of all our products is third-party tested premium marine collagen.

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The marine collagen we use in our collagen products is produced in Norway. In the icy and crystal-clear waters of the northern Atlantic Ocean, lives the large Arctic cod. Here, it is sustainably wild-caught with great respect for the sea and the population.

The cod is filleted, and the skin is collected – as it is the skin that is the source of the fantastic collagen! In the production process, the fish skin is dissolved and undergoes four different washing and filtering steps. Together, these four steps reduce the levels of both PFAS, heavy metals, and other pollutants.

In the EU, as of January 1, 2023, limit values for PFAS in a range of foods have been introduced. The limit values are so low that it is safe to consume products that comply with the legislation over a longer period.

Vild Nord marine collagen is considered a low-risk product and complies with applicable legislation.

3.partstestet marine collagen

Your safety– Tested by a third-party

The production of our marine collagen is FSC 22000 certified. It is a comprehensive control of production, from raw materials to distribution. It is your guarantee that the production of collagen complies with the applicable laws regarding food safety, so you can consume Vild Nord marine collagen without risk.

Third-party tests are quality controls conducted by independent, impartial organisations or laboratories that have no affiliation with us or the manufacturer of our goods to determine if products meet certain standards.

Vild Nord cannot influence the outcome of
third-party tests.

These tests are important for us as a company and for you as a consumer because they provide an objective and credible picture of the product's quality, characteristics, and safety. Since third-party testers have no interest in our product other than ensuring its compliance with standards and regulations, it is your assurance that the results are accurate.

Third-party tests vs. other tests

We have chosen third-party tests for a good reason. The difference between third-party tests and other types of tests, such as internal tests conducted by manufacturers themselves or second-party tests conducted by parties connected to the manufacturers, lies in their independence and objectivity.

Third-party tests ensure that there are no conflicts of interest or biases that can influence the results, making them a reliable source of information for you as a consumer, regulatory authorities, and the industry as a whole.

Testet for PFAS og tungmetaller

Marine collagen tested for PFAS

Most of us have by now heard about PFAS and know that it's not healthy for the body, nature, or anything else.

The collagen we use in our collagen products is tested for PFAS and complies with all applicable regulations in the field. Therefore, you can safely consume Vild Nord collagen without worrying about PFAS.

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) constitute a group of chemicals that have been used in a variety of products due to their water and grease-resistant properties. However, these substances have been associated with a range of health risks.

One of the most concerning aspects of PFAS is their ability to accumulate, meaning to build up, in the environment and biological organisms over time. Therefore, it's important to conduct comprehensive tests to identify the presence and levels of PFAS in consumer products and the environment, as well as to reduce their use and exposure.

Would you like to learn more about PFAS? You can read much more in our blog post "Is there PFAS in collagen?"

Tested for heavy metals

Every single batch of our collagen is tested for heavy metals. Only when this has been done can a product be released for sale. Therefore, you can be completely sure that all our collagen products comply with legal limits.

Heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic are pollutants that can be found in water environments and accumulate in fish tissue, among other things.

Heavy metals can be harmful to human health if ingested in high concentrations through fish and seafood. Therefore, monitoring and controlling heavy metals in fish are of great importance to ensure food safety and protect your health.

Fra torsk til premium collagenpulver

Tested, natural, and premium marine collagen

As you probably already know, Vild Nord marine collagen represents the ultimate in premium quality. It is made from one of the world's finest raw materials: the Arctic cod.

Through a meticulous upcycling process, where fish skin is hydrolysed into collagen peptides, an extraordinary level of purity and quality is achieved. The skin is cleansed, filtered, and hydrolysed with great care, resulting in the finest white powder - the foundation for our wide range of collagen products.

We do not compromise on the quality of our marine collagen. The Arctic cod, the source of our collagen, lives in the icy and crystal-clear sea off the coast of northern Norway, thus offering unparalleled purity and freshness. The meticulous processing ensures that our collagen powder maintains its nutritional properties in its most concentrated and bioavailable form.

Vild Nord marine collagen

Start your collagen journey today

Have you recently decided to integrate collagen into your daily beauty routine? Or have you already experienced the benefits of collagen and want to continue your journey towards a naturally more beautiful and radiant appearance?

Regardless of where you are on your collagen journey, you can always count on finding the perfect collagen supplement at Vild Nord.

Our premium marine collagen is carefully selected and expertly crafted to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness. With our product, you can be sure to get the most out of your collagen experience – right from day one.

We understand the importance of caring for your body both inside and out, which is why we are dedicated to offering products that not only enhance your outer beauty but also your overall well-being. Our marine collagen is rich in the amino acids essential for your skin's firmness, elasticity, and glow.

Don't miss the chance to experience the difference with our premium collagen - buy it today and boost your natural beauty routine!

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