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Anja Stang embracing her inner rebel

Anja Stang om at omfavne sin indre rebel - Vild Nord

We are proud to introduce Anja Stang from Norway. We recently had a conversation with her about what it means to "pushing 50", be a rebel, and her approach to natural beauty and aging.

With her many years of experience as an editor and communication consultant, Anja has made her mark working with green organizations such as Skogluft, Infinitum magazine and the Thor Heyerdahl Foundation.

As the founder of, a copywriter, and an environmental activist, Anja has also poured her passion into our HYDRO products, which consist of marine collagen sourced from sustainable fisheries. In this article, we delve into her perspectives on natural aging and beauty.

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In your article titled "I am a Holistic Rebel," can you explain what you mean by this?

Anja: I am working on silencing the inner critic and speaking kindly to myself every day. I believe that the most rebellious thing we can do in our society, which places so much emphasis on appearance, is to love ourselves exactly as we are. That's why I call myself a rebel.

You recently turned 48, how does it feel? How do you feel about yourself?

Anja: It's definitely a reality check, as the mirror doesn't always reflect how I feel. I am glad when someone thinks I am younger, which happens quite often. I believe it has a lot to do with my spirit; an inherent combination of enthusiasm and optimism. I'm known for smiling a lot.

"To be a 'child of nature' entails embracing the lines drawn by the lived life. Smile lines sounds nice - on paper."


What does it mean to you to take care of yourself and aging signs naturally?

Anja: It's not always easy to choose the natural path and proudly display my "worry lines" amidst a sea of smooth foreheads. However, for now, I refuse to "give in" and do what society almost expects of me. Instead, I opt for more holistic approaches to healthy skin and inner radiance.

What routines are important to you?

Anja: The best thing about getting older is prioritizing my health and well-being. My important routines include fresh air, enough sleep, reduced stress, sufficient water intake, nutritious food, and my newly discovered marine collagen from Vild Nord. These routines help me find balance and enjoy the benefits of aging.

"In addition to the products being 100% natural, I was drawn to the delicate design and the active ingredients like echinacea, seaweed, and mushrooms!"

Why marine collagen from Vild Nord?

Anja: As a pescetarian and someone who primarily eats plant-based foods, it's essential for me to ensure I get enough protein. Vild Nord's marine collagen contains up to 2-3 times more protein per dose than similar products on the market.

I discovered collagen quite late, as I initially thought it wasn't relevant for me since I don't eat meat. I considered it as a beauty powder with questionable effects. However, besides Vild Nord's HYDRO products being 100% natural, I was also drawn to the delicate design and the powerful ingredients like echinacea, seaweed, and mushrooms!

Today, marine collagen from Vild Nord is an integral part of my daily routine, and it has truly been an eye-opener for me! It's important to me that the collagen is derived from wild-caught cod, as it's a byproduct of the food industry.

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How do you use the collagen in your daily life, and which product is your favorite?

Anja: I've found that good habits work best when I turn them into daily routines, so I've created small rituals around my collagen intake. After taking collagen sporadically in the beginning, I now keep the box next to the coffee machine, making it always ready to use. I believe that whatever is good for the body and soul is also good for appearance. Therefore, a couple of scoops of collagen a day have become a daily reminder to care for my skin and health, whether it's in my coffee, smoothie, or "hidden" in pancakes or protein buns.

As someone with a keen interest in mushrooms, I drink cocoa with adaptogenic mushrooms daily. Recently, I've started mixing Collagen C+ into this drink as it's entirely neutral in taste. And fortunately, marine collagen doesn't taste like fish!

In addition to adding Collagen C+ to my coffee and cocoa, I also enjoy Collagen Immune Remedy as a refreshing beverage with a slightly tangy taste, mixing it with water.

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Collagen Immune Remedy

Collagen Immune Remedy is a marine collagen powder infused with vitamin D from mushrooms and freshly harvested stems, leaves, and flowers of Echinacea (purple coneflower), which has been used as natural medicine since the 18th century. Echinacea extracts contribute to supporting the immune system.

Can you tell me what you like most about getting older?

Anja: The best thing about getting older is that I am less concerned about what others think of my choices and my appearance. I readily admit that it's a process, and gravity is not always my best friend, but I can neither can nor want to stop time.

My face reflects that I have lived, sunbathed and experienced life. And that I have smiled a lot.

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